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Art Consulting

Case Study | The Well at Sunset 

A developer contacted Only Up to paint a 400 ft long interactive mural on a new retail property. 


Only Up handled all necessary paperwork, and conducted market and brand research to create a series of colorful and engaging designs unique to the development's needs and vision.


Art Consulting | Festivals | Rotating Curation | Branding | Pop Up Events |  Social Entrepreneurship | Photo + Video | Marketing 

OnlyUp elevates art in public and private spaces. With our network of innovative artists and years of behind-the-scenes experience, we are a one-stop shop with work that is molded to fit our clients, from developers to brands, cities to community organizations, and everything in between. From crafting contracts to creating masterpieces on walls to curating galleries, we meet the creative needs of your business. 


We are not your standard creative agency. Led by artists, we are creative to our core. We aim only up -- to launch your business to the next level and create the next best work of art. We are your secret weapon -- whatever we can dream, we can create.

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