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Creative Work, That Works © ONLY UP

1911 second st, livermore Ca, 94568


Our Mission

We aim to bridge the gap between the brilliance, courage, talent, and drive of artists,  and the needs of communities, companies, cities, and more.  


Simply put, we connect artists to paid work opportunities, and we help clients connect the dots in how to leverage art to benefit their mission. We are one part artist management and one part creative agency — ABG is led by artists for artists. 


We strive to build trust with both artists and clients, allowing for long-term beneficial relationships and opportunities to meet the needs of developers, brands, city planners, designers, and more. We set ourselves apart by combining creative curiosity with our expertise in logistics, practical solutions, and impeccable followthrough. We take the burden of the back-office off your hands, and let you do what you were made for: creating.

Driven to raise the bar and diversify the playing field, we utilize the best of our experience both as artists and entrepreneurs  to do the heavy-lifting of client-acquisition as well as all the logistics, contracts, and financial negotiations so that it is easy for you to show up and create. 

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The Team 


Partner | Creative Director


Partner | Creative Director


Business Manager

What We Do For Creatives

Art Consulting | Artist Management | Curation | Branding | Events | Social Entrepreneurship | Career Strategy 


We are not your standard creative agency. Led by artists, we are creative to our core. We aim to launch your work to the next level and create your next best work. In the battle to cut through the noise and secure opportunities we allow you and your work to flourish, we are your secret weapon.


Our goal is to take the necessary, but uncreative grunt-work off your plate. Our expertise in operations, project management, and business allow us to focus on sales, curation, client acquisition, community outreach, fundraising, marketing, permits, insurance, contracts, invoicing, and all that other un-fun stuff. And allows you to focus on what you are: an artist, a visionary, a creative, a maker. 

ABG elevates art in public and private spaces. With our network of partners, innovative artists, fabricators, and behind-the-scenes experience, we are a one-stop shop to help you create bigger, better, and more impactful work. Work that matters, work that gets seen, work that takes you and your art career to the next level.

Britt Henze
Artist + Muralist


Working with ABG on many different projects as an artist has been amazing. I have to date participated in a mural festival, an art show, a gallery show, and a private home commission as well as lending assistance on several of their projects. The ABG team takes the grunt work out of the process for me, allowing me to flex creatively and do what I do best- show up and paint! Really can’t say enough good things.

Jet Martinez 
Artist + Muralist

ABG has personally helped me create a better base from which to build my own business.  Rather than feeling like ABG claims ownership  over my work, I feel like ABG values my vision, and works to properly represent my work to potential clients.  This attitude creates a sense of trust and a shared intention of creating the best artwork possible for our clients.

In many ways, ABG is the creative and business partner I’ve been hoping to find.

Blake Mcfarland 

Working with Trent and ABG has been a first class experience. I have done a private commissions and also have participated in a pop-up art exhibit. Everything from conceptualizing to 3d renderings to installation, everything ran seamlessly and flawlessly.  I am excited to work with them again!

Jami Butler
Artist + Designer

As an artist, collaborating has been a pleasure. The supportive, encouraging, and collaborative network has inspired me to push out of my comfort zone as an artist, by being offered a variety of art-making opportunities that I would not have sought out on my own. I’ve worked won murals - both assisting and painting my own; graphic design projects; and illustration work. I also appreciate the payment has always been prompt and competitive. Being involved with an organization that supports artists is a rare and special opportunity.

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