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ABG In February

We are thrilled to present the latest edition of The ABG Newsletter. This month's updates feature projects that promise to ignite your curiosity, spark your creativity, and keep you well-informed. This is more than just information – it's a community. Discover stories that make our artist community unique and vibrant. ABG Art Group aims to use this as a platform to connect, share, and grow together.


24th and Webster holds a gorgeous Tribute Mural by Nora Bruhn

This mural has been a year in the making, along with other projects around Oakland in partnership with the Uptown Downtown Association. Over the last year ABG Art Group has produced the following projects with some prolific artists of the Bay. Shomari Smith:   Portrait murals for the Oakland Tribute Project (351 Webster), paying homage to the contributions of Oakland's own lyrical influencers. Steven Anderson: Portrait mural at Sandbar (2418 Broadway), a project highlighting living breathing legend of the bay @artbyblack .

And the latest mural painted by Nora Bruhn : Tribute Mural to her mother (24th and Webster) an artist that takes pride in amplifying peoples stories through her artwork. Her piece embodies the vibrant beautiful flowers on a sultry and dynamic black and grey background making every petal seem as if they are popping right off the wall. On Nora's last day of painting she invited the community to come out and see her paint while enjoying live music by the incredible pianist, vocalist and performer Graham Pratzner

"Harmony of Heritage" at Midway Village, Daly City; a project commissioned by Civic Design Studios + MidPen Housing featuring ABG’s own Sorell Raino-Tsui AKA Tsui Xiao Rui

The Midway Village is on a mission to house around 500 people in 147 new homes in Daly City near Cow Palace. 20 of the homes will be for “transition-aged youth,” young people trying to find a place of their own and setting aside 25 units for educators and teachers, as well.

"Harmony of Heritage" is an intricate collage of meticulously painted textiles and tiles, representing a diverse array of traditions, colors, and symbols. The composition speaks to the richness of the local area's human experience. Exploring the interconnectedness of cultures and convergence of vibrant diversity. The mural showcases cultural fabrics from Arabic, Filipino, Samoan, Palestinian, and Chinese influences.

45th Street Cooperative of Emeryville

ABG Art Group had the unique opportunity to tour and meet a handful of the artists at the illustrious 45th Street Co-op. And what an enchanting experience it was, one of the coolest walk-throughs by far. As a pillar of the Emeryville Artist community we are excited to collaborate with the Co-op the next 2 years as we work to build the RCCD (Rotten City Cultural District). A little back story on the Co-op: This is the City of Emeryville's first established arts organization. Visual artists, musicians, choreographers, writers, designers and fine craftsmen. The property is made up of nearly 60 Live/Work studios across 3 buildings. We got the pleasure of meeting the following captivating creatives:


Community Promotions + Visual Arts Grant Pre-Application Seminar and Workshop

ABG Art Group kicks off the new year doing two events to promote two of City of Emeryville grants. Initially we conduted a "Pre-application seminar" to help inform the nuts and boltz of what the two grant offerings are and the requirements and how to apply. The following week we held a Grant Workshop where artists could get feedback and guidance from us along with members of the City of Emeryville, 45th Street Artist Co-op, and Jered's Pottery (partners of the City of Emeryville and the Rotten City Cultural District project). Each event had an overwhelming turnout and the amount of interest received for these grants exceeded the City's expectations.

3319 Marche

ABG is proud to announce our newest collaboration with the young Oakland visionaries of @3319marche ! Please come to the grand opening of this exceptional space that merges art, design and retail like no other! Vintage good, art, furniture..all that! 3319 Lakeshore ave, Saturday 2/24 from 12-8! Hit the farmers market and slide thru!!



Community Promotions and Visual Arts Grant Programs

The City of Emeryville is pleased to announce the Annual Grant Program for Funding Year 2024-2025. These grants support the creative life of Emeryville. The Community Promotions Grant Program expands public access to literary, video and film, culinary, historic, and performing arts and events in our community and the Visual Arts Grant Program offers opportunities for new installations from murals and mosaics to street mandalas and shade structures designed by an artist or an installation yet to be conceived of, by supporting the work of the individual artist or organizations.  The City welcomes applications from a variety of nonprofit organizations or individuals or organizations. The City of Emeryville encourages these organizations or individuals to apply for Community Promotions grants up to $10,000 and Visual Arts Grants of up to $17,500. Applications due 2/28/2024. Links to the information deck, City website, and application platform are accessible via the "opportunities" button below.

Thursday March 21, 2024: RCCD (Rotten City Cultural District) Research & Development Session

On Thursday March 21st from 6:00pm-9:00pm we are hosting an R&D Session for the Rotten City Cultural District and invite the larger artist community to join, participate, and share during this dynamic and interactive session to dive deeper into what and Arts and Culture District should look like. The location for this event potentially will be the ECCL (Emeryville Center of Community Life) officially flyer/invitation to come soon.

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