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Updated: Apr 1

As we move out of winter and into spring, we find ourselves at a moment of renewed energy and limitless possibilities. March has been a whirlwind of exciting moments from connecting deeper with our arts community to big mural projects. In this edition of our newsletter, we're excited to share with you some updates, opportunities, and events that we have been involved in. From exciting developments within our organization to community involvement we appreciate your curiosity and support in all that we do.


233 Broadway New Addition to ABG x Fernanda Mural: Unveiling at Grand Opening Event!

We're thrilled to announce a stunning new addition to our Riaz mural project! Over the past few weeks, artist Fernanda Martinez with the assistance of artist Will Brown delivered an eye catching sign sculpture on one of the newest of the Arthaus properties. The design aligns the freestanding sign with the mural that wraps the entire building.

This past Thursday, March 28th was the Grand Opening of ArtHaus Jack London, where Fernanda Martinez was honored for her vision, design and execution of this massive mural project, leaving her mark on her second property in the Riaz portfolio.


Celebrating the Success and Engagement: RCCD Vision Quest

On March 21st ABG held the RCCD (Rotten City Cultural District) Vision Quest. The event surpassed all expectations, leaving participants inspired and energized by the workshop. From engaging conversations to moments of profound opinion, the event was a testament to the power of community and discovery. The convergence of experiences enriched the shared perspectives. We learned a lot about what people want to see in an Art and Culture District and we feel a great amount of momentum to deliver on as many as we can.

We also got to collaborate with Emeryville's on local vibrant artist Erin Fong who brought her colorful design and Letterpress practice serving as the canvas for people to put their thought and opinions on. This created a visually intriguing display of what came out of the Vision Quest. We hope to display this as an art piece in the future, servings as a visual pillar of what the RCCD was built from.

*Photographs by Guest Artist Photographer Nick Beymer



Shirley Chisholm Village coming soon to San Francisco, CA

Set to be installed later Summer 2024, the Shirley Chisholm Village Project is one we were able to flex our design skills and push ourselves as well as the envelope on Public Art, thanks to MidPen Housing. We have been working on this project since early last fall and the design features 3d floating panels that will be layered in a wave style suspended off the side of the building; its permanent home in the Sunset District. The completed painted panels were painted at 50% scale and are now off to fabrication with our awesome partner Deka Fabrication out of Oakland, CA . There is a proposed AR element that we are discussing with Black Terminus as the producer, pushing this whole installation over the innovation line.

Be on the lookout for progress, installation and official grand opening of this property and art piece coming at you Summer 2024!


Un Lenguaje de Flores - A Language of Flowers: Jet Martinez 1st Solo Show in 5 Years

Over the last several months the prolific Oakland Artist, Jet Martinez has been painting incredible pieces for his first solo show in 5 years. This body of work referring to the artist’s inspiration from floriography; a practice of communicating messages and sentiments through the use of flowers. This intricate language assigns specific emotions, meaning and intentions to different types of flowers allowing Jet to convey thoughts, feelings and meaning through his compositions.

This show is unlike anything you have ever seen from Jet in the past. Another element of this body of work is the elimination of the lines he is known for. Persuading the viewer's eye to discover the lines for themselves and experience his art in a very limitless and boundless way.

Showcasing at Heron Arts in San Francisco. Opening reception is Saturday, April 6th, 2024 from 6pm-9pm. You don't miss this!




ABG has funding for arts and culture events in Emeryville over the next 24 months as part of the Rotten City Cultural District Initiative. 

Our goal is to engage local creatives and residents. We believe involving creatives early on will shape events best.


We'll co-sign and produce 12 of your ideas. If selected, you'll receive start to finish production support from the ABG/RCCD team and $24,000 in total funding, $2,000 in funding per grant. We'll pick 6 partners for 2024 on May 1st. Apply by April 15. Interviews with finalists will be scheduled in between. If not selected, you can still be considered for 2025.


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